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Jessica Soine

I’m in love with Movement!

I think that all mind patternings are expressed in movement, through the body. And that all physically moving patterns have a mind. That’s what I work with.” – Bonnie Bainbridge

I believe the human body is an intricate puzzle. I’ve spent my life seeking radiant health through movement, diet, and lifestyle changes and am passionate about sharing what I learn with others. As a child, growing up on a farm in Minnesota, I intuitively grasped the ebb and flow of cultivation and consumption and the power of natural movement.

Integrated into my DNA was the understanding that the earth provides nourishment. With proper care, our bodies—like the earth—become strong, viable and healthy.

I’m a lifelong learner and find myself constantly searching for opportunities to move my body and find new ways to heal. A degree in Exercise Science in 1993 led to my study of massage therapy in 1995 and eventually yoga therapy in 2002. Throughout my wellness-based career path, nutrition was always paramount. When my mom was diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, I rolled up my sleeves and committed to my first liver cleanse. When she followed my lead and dramatically improved her health, I witnessed firsthand the healing capacity of nutrition. I knew there was no turning back; the pure power of this work became crystal clear to me. I was certified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2013 and have been helping people heal ever since.

The past 25 years have been a healing journey for me on many levels. I’m inspired by the healing I witness daily and by the dedicated people I serve. Helping people move with comfort, live without pain, and improve their wellbeing is my passion. I have been inspired by the work of wise people such as Jo Tastula, Amy Ippoliti, Rodney Yee, Weston A. Price, Sally Fallon, Erik Dalton, and Thomas Myers. I have also studied under teachers who have trained with Ida Rolf and Bonnie Bainbridge. I integrate the natural flow of the seasons and attempt to tune in to the natural world in everything I do. Utilizing modalities such as structural integration, craniosacral, Thai massage, yoga, myofascial release, and sports massage, I create customized plans for healing. I help people regain comfortable movement and achieve radiant health through diet and lifestyle changes.

I am grateful to live my passion every single day, professionally and personally. There is nothing like a telemark turn in deep, fresh powder or surfing a clean, smooth wave. Whether I am playing on the trails with my husband and kids, nurturing my family in the kitchen, or seeking solace with our chickens in the backyard, I am in awe of the body’s ability to adapt—to heal, change, and grow. We are all connected by this thread of life, and my job is to uphold my end—to teach, remain teachable, and continue the legacy of those before me. Won’t you join me?

Are You Ready for Radiant Health?Are You Ready for Radiant Health?

what people say about us

Jessica is an incredible massage therapist. She has both the knowledge and the skills to actually change your body for the better. Going to see her is such a treat; I always leave feeling revitalized and relaxed and notice the effects of her therapy for days after visiting her. I actually feel that she realigns my skeleton for real body changes that have a lasting effect. I highly recommend her services.

~Cami Moynihan, Ashland

Jessica is not only a favorite yoga teacher but sho also gives absolutely exquisite massages. Jessica is both gentle and firm in her bodywork. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what needs attention, and the ability to address it until all pain or discomfort vanishes. She is a vibrant and sensitive woman whose ability to serve others is exemplary. I highly recommend Jessica.

~Christine Crawley, Ashland